International Virtual Taekwondo Expo 2020

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  1. Q: What is this event about?
    A: The International Virtual TKD Expo is being hosted by American Martial Arts Association.  The goal of this event is to inspire our students, support our schools, and celebrate the Martial Arts community during this time of crisis.
  1. Q: When is this event going to be held?
    A: The registration opened now and it ends on Dec. 20th 2020
  1. Q: Can anyone participate in this event?
    A: YES.  It is open to ALL Martial Arts students from any belt level, discipline, school affiliation or experience. 
  1. Q: How much does it cost to participate?
    A: It is $40 for one event and $10 for each additional event.  Entry fees must be paid at the time of registration. There will be no refunds issued after a student’s registration is complete.
  1. Q: What events are there to participate in?
    A:  There are a total of 6 events.  Five (5) individual events and one (1) Demo Team event.  The event categories are Official traditional form that is recognized by the Martial Art discipline; creative form with or without weapons; fitness challenge 1 (combo kicks); fitness challenge 2 (triathlon of pushups, situps, and squats), Grand Championship and Demo Team.  The Grand Championship event can be participated either as an individual or as a family.
  1. Q: How do I participate?
    A: Participants will register online using our website and complete all the necessary waivers. After their registration is received, participants will be invited to a link where they will be able to upload their video submission.  Information and training aids will also be added and available on the Facebook page. Each competitor will upload their submission video using the closed FB group at the time of registration or before the event deadline.  The video that is submitted will be designated as the FINAL round except for the Grand Championship and the Demo Team events.
  1. Q: What awards are being presented?
    A: Each participant will be awarded a medal as well as an electronic certificate that they can print at home. (excludes Demo Team Event- See demo team section for details on awards)*
  1. Q: When will I receive my award(s)?
    A: All awards will be mailed to the respective Dojang within 4-8 weeks except the online electronic certificates.  Those can be printed at home immediately after the tournament.
  1. Q: Tell me more about the Grand Championship event?
    A:  It is an event for both individuals or families where participants are encouraged to be creative and keep a 15 day (minimum) video diary about their journey through their training process.  These videos can be short snippets.  The final video that is submitted cannot be longer than 5 minutes.  The winner of this event can either choose a Home dojang or $1000.00 USD (prize money can only be paid once the event has reached 500 participants).
  1. Q: Tell me more about the Demo Team Event?
    A: The videos for submission for this event can be either from a current or past performance and cannot be longer than 10 minutes. The winner of this event will receive $1000.00 USD (prize money can only be paid once the event has reached 500 participants).
  1. Q: How will you determine the winners for the Grand Championship and Demo Team events?
    A: The top 8 videos selected will advance to the FINAL round.  In the FINAL round, the winning video will be determined by the number of likes it receives on our channels.
  1. Q: What is the Dojang CARE Initiative?
    A: American Martial Arts Association is providing an opportunity for each school or organization to receive a monetary incentive of up to $20,000 USD based on the level of participation.  This incentive is designed to help you create a campaign to grow support and participation by creating groups with other schools to increase your overall number of students registered.  These groups will also help you build a community in your local area or state that will establish bonds within the Taekwondo community. 
  1. Q: How are the participation numbers calculated for the schools?
    A: Only participants registered in individual events will qualify towards your team student totals. (PLEASE NOTE: if a student is registered in the Demo event and not in an individual event, they will not be counted).
  1. Q: How can I register for the Dojang CARE Initiative portion of the event?
    A: To take part in the Dojang Cares portion of the event, school owners must verify that they are the owner/operators of the school applying and must fill out a separate verification form to participate.  All monies will be paid directly to the school listed on the students’ registration application (not the organization).
  1. Q: Can different schools get together and create a team or organization to increase their participation numbers?
    A: YES. To participate as part of a group, each student must know the name of their group and fill out that portion of their registration correctly.  Your Dojang name should be listed as the school name, and the group name would go under the group/organization name.  Please note: Failure to fill this out correctly will result in a miscalculation of the number of participants, and monies will not be awarded.
  1. Q: How are the monies going to be paid if my school joins together with another school?
    A: The monies will be paid to the school the student is registered under to ensure that funds are distributed as timely and efficiently as possible.
  1. Q: Where can I get more information about the event as well as about American Martial Arts Association?
    A: Please go to which will take you to our American Martial Arts Association website.  There you will find more information on the event as well as multiple resources to reference.
  1. Q: Will you have any other future events that I can participate in?
    A: YES.  American Martial Arts Association is dedicated to creating meaningful events for Martial Art schools.

Event registration closed.