About Us

The practice of Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu and many other combat and self defense sports are on the rise all over the world. The ideals and uses of martial arts have existed for centuries, predominantly throughout East Asia, implementing important values of discipline, respect, and humility into all aspects of life. To this day, martial arts has proven to be beneficial for practitioners of all ages, leading to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With the numerous advantages arising from martial arts, we needed to create something new.

American Martial Arts Association has been an idea in the works for many decades, but it became a formal organization in 2015. After being built internally for the past five years, the site will finally be launched in 2020. We recognize that in order for the Martial Arts discipline to flourish, we need to support the two main integral parts of that discipline which include the Dojang community and the masters and teachers.

In order to support the Dojang community as a whole, one of our primary vision and goals is to create a database of useful sources that will benefit the community. This resource library will focus on collecting published studies, articles, journals, dissertations, etc. related to martial arts, in hopes of furthering education in the various factors contributing to martial arts benefits. Anyone involved or interested in martial arts will have the ability to ascertain educational information that continues to further propel their passion for the sport or for future professional aspirations. Some of our other focus from utilizing this cornucopia of information is to share these Martial Arts studies and survey data with other dojangs; coordinate studies among participating schools; create meaningful events; and assist in negotiating better prices for necessary equipment purchases for Martial Arts schools.

In order to support our Martial Arts masters and teachers, we have created a dedicated area known as the Master Academy. Our primary vision and goal of this academy is to encourage the participation of all the masters and teachers to bring knowledge and share teaching sources including philosophy, methods, and theories; share teaching experiences and problem-solving experiences with students; and to share any other techniques that would help to promote and improve martial arts in general. American Martial Arts Association recognizes that there is a wealth of knowledge that each master and teacher have culminated from years of experience. Sharing of this knowledge would not only be a tremendous recognition for all masters and teachers for their unique expertise but also a great asset for the Dojang community to be able to learn from.

Our visions and goals are an understanding that the Martial Arts discipline is truly special and needs to continue to flourish.   American Martial Arts Association is working tirelessly to make sure that our vision comes to fruition but we cannot do it alone.  Collaboration is key.  We encourage all the Martial Arts community to come join us in our dream forward.  Your participation and support will have a positive impact on our community and for generations to come.