Mission Statement

Martial arts has resulted in a healthier lifestyle, not only physically, but also mentally and socially for all of its practitioners. The Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo has a core curriculum based on forms (poomsae), sparring (kyorugi), and demonstrations. Each aspect enhances physical fitness by increasing balance, endurance, strength, coordination, and agility in their own  unique ways. Through practicing taekwondo, key virtues that lead to a successful life such as discipline, respect, perseverance, and humility are emphasized, bettering mentality and a positive mindset from the start. Being in Taekwondo also gives students the opportunity to connect with people all over the world, expanding their horizons and connections.

With the immense all around benefits that Taekwondo presents, the mission of American Martial Arts Association is to optimize access to credible sources, in order to provide proper educational tools in the field of Taekwondo. The research data supplied here will consist of reference sources to help deliver a better understanding of how practicing martial arts results in greater well-being in physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects. In the upcoming years of this project, we hope to establish a public network with an abundance of scholarly resources and sponsors, which will then be utilized to provide scholarships and funding for aspiring athletes in Taekwondo. We are working towards being able to one day provide adequate means to give people a chance to know how great this sport truly is.